Ms. Rachman is the ONLY type of attorney I can recommend.
Take my word for it, STAY AWAY from Family Court litgation if at all possible. I say this from a 5.5 year custody battle fight with my former spouse … in which I lost simply because she and the CROOKS ran me out of Money. All told they made $120,000 from our divorce, and they wanted MORE money, which is why I walked – away from my own Daughter – having witnessed firsthand what psychologists, and therapists, and play-therapists, and attorneys, and minor’s counsels, and “private mediation” with MFT’s or LCSW’s are ALL about: i.e. making good, loving, responsible parents jump through hoop after hoop after hoop just to be a parent.

A good friend of mine has (together with his ex) so far spent at least $1,000,000 (a Million Dollars) fighting over everything under
the sun. Because of what I witnessed, the only thing that has given me a sense of peace was walking away and reporting on what I witnessed.
My findings are available to anyone who is interested online at: simply copy and paste the above link into the URL section of any web browser, or type the URL above in directly.

Or search for “Reforming the Family Courts” and click on the earthage Link.
Randy S. Berg
Ms. Rachman was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the assistance of my divorce.
It was handled quickly and concisely. No hidden fees, just straight forward, helpful and understanding. I would trust her with all of my personal matters.
Belinda is not only clear headed, intelligent and straightforward, she is filled with compassion for your well being -for the present day pain and the long term gain. She is not afraid to balance gentleness with firmness in keeping you focused on your long term goal of protecting your children from you and your spouses’ differneces. All in all she i s an inspiration and a comfort during a less than pleasurable process.
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Belinda did a good job for us!
We were going through a high asset and high conflict divorce. We had already spent over $100k with attorneys. She helped us work out the details and get the process finalized.
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I can’t believe how fast and easy it was to get a divorce.
No drama, low flat fee, fair to both sides and the children were never hurt by an ugly court
fight. Why in the world would you do it any other way?
Deborah M.
Belinda is awesome..
Very understanding and she really helped me. Thanks Belinda!!!
We met with a different lawyer prior to meeting belinda who left us feeling even more tense…
we then met with belinda who has a centering comfortable yet efficent style –she made everything seem easier not harder.
bill and kathy
While going through a divorce after a long marriage is a wrenching experience.
We actually found a wonderful person who did not take advantage of our vulnerability to enrich herself.

She was thoughtful, thorough and even handed during the entire proceedings which lasted a very short period of time. My wife and I left her office with our dignity and our friendship intact. I strongly feel this is the way to end a marriage.
Jack Klausen
I can whole heartedly recommend Belinda’s service.
My ex and I live in Temecula and made the drive based on a friend’s recomendation. Belinda kept us on point and any disagreements we had she was quick to difuse. I can only imagine how much time and money we saved. Not to mention that this process helped my ex and I walk away friends.
Jim Runyan
You are truly a peach!!!!
I was devastated with the whole idea of having to be involved in a divorce I never wanted. Belinda truly made it as quick and painless as possible. Through her expertise in counseling, her experience, and wisdom, I was able to resume my life almost immediately. I did get remarried within a year and gave birth to a be autiful baby boy. Through Belinda’s efforts, my ex-husband and I experienced less trauma from our divorce and are more effectively able to parent the child that we share. I am a devoted Christian and believe that Belinda is truly a gift from God.
Dr. Carla, Board Certified Psychiatrist
I wanted to thank you for how much you helped us handle this whole thing.
We were able to end our marriage with minimal aggravation and a continued ability to parent our children and in great part, it was due to HOW we divorced (with you). It has meant so much to us in the past two years to maintain a friendship, allowing us to enjoy the kids’ sporting and school events, social gatherings with mutual friends, and even holidays and birthdays. I don’t often hear of a smooth divorce, as it is usually a difficult and exhausting process. I believe that once you find yourselves against each other in court, the chances are slim of proceeding in an agreeable manner because it becomes a lose-lose situation. Your knowledge, guidance, and sense of humor led us through a potentially hazardous time. We have come out on the other side and are doing fine. Our family thanks you!
Lynn Vorrath
We were relieved to find an attorney who would work with both of us instead of trying to create
a fight… Avoiding court by working together saved more than just money. We can raise our children without bitterness because we dealt fairly with each other. We divided complicated assets like my royalties in a fair way with no court. Divorce mediation is the right solution for smart people.
Josquin des Pres
You’re worth every dollar of your fee and then some.
I know. You are incredible at what you do. My ex-husband, Ralph, and I are still very close friends thanks to your guidance in our divorce.
Kathy De Monte
We have spent $100,000 on attorney fees in the past 11 months and we were no where near the end
of our custody/divorce case. When I found Belinda in the yellow pages, it said we could do this peacefully. I saw she had 100% success rate but we had fought so much I really didn’t believe it was possible for her to help us. I was running out of money and knew we needed to try something else. After meeting with Belinda for one hour, we were in agreement. I am so impressed by the speed, low cost and the fairness she helped us create. Thank you so much for all you have done.
Randy Falls
Fortunately I knew Belinda before my divorce or would have gone the “normal route”.
My husband and I had already raised our children and did not have assets so it was really a simple divorce however through normal channels, we would each have had to retain our own attorney at a huge cost in $ and time.We were given a little homework to do in order to be sure we were in agreement then met at Belinda’s office and were done within an hour. She was professional and comforting through this difficult and painful process. I have referred many people to her who have been very satisfied with her service.
Candice Smith
My divorce in a day experience made a very unpleasant experience much easier to get through.
Because the environment between my ex and I was not hostile or greedy, through mediation we were able to reach an amicable and fair settlement while preserving our integrity. We didn’t want to use a lawyer as we didn’t want to pay their fees and were plann ing on doing the divorce ourselves until a friend referred us to Belinda. She was explained the process to us very well and took us through the process quickly and efficiently. I have recommended using a Mediator/Belinda to other people I know who are either considering a divorce or who did not know mediation was an option to using a lawyer. She helped my ex and I successfully navigate through a very difficult and sensitive time by her being not only professional, but concerned for both parties well being. This is something that I highly doubt a divorce lawyer would ever do. She made sure the settlement was fair for both of us and set boundaries so that if, out of guilt or surrender, one was not giving up more than the other. By using Belinda and not adding any more anger or hurt to the separation process, it helped me maintain a civility and respect for my ex that would not have existed had I employed the services of a lawyer. I am very happy we chose Belinda’s services over a lawyer. She was very easy and professional to work with. A lawyer would have cost at minimum about 7,000.00 and damaged beyond repair my ex and my already broken relationship. She cost us less than half than that and allowed my ex and I to get through the process and still remain amicable and able to “stand”
each other.
Lisa G.
Belinda masterfully kept my husband and I focused on each particular item we were trying to resolve.
I thought she was objective and fair, and I think my husband thought that too. She was knowledgeable and, although sometimes blunt, she conveyed compassion. Her past experiences as a child of divorce kept the children’s feelings in consideration. I do think there could be a much better name…something along the lines of Peaceful Divorce Mediation.
Susan P.
I can't rave about Belinda Rachman ENOUGH...she is clear, honest, and cuts to the chase...She gave us a flat fair fee...and we never looked back...went to an arbitration attorney before...and it was all this "back and forth" stuff...with naturally their fees going up and  up.....Going thru a divorce is NO are emotional and there are many factors..the last thing you need is an attorney...muddying up the waters...Go with Belinda...her expertise...her knowledge and her HEART are UNMATCHED!!!
Kean G.