Is achieving a quick divorce agreement in a single day a reality?  Yes, fair-divorce-in-a-day-mediation can attain a fast, fair, affordable divorce in a day.

Divorce was not the intended outcome of your relationship and neither is the extreme emotional and financial pain many have experienced as a result of divorce.  There is an idea whose time has come, mediation, a method that protects your co-parenting roles and one you should seriously consider.  You can get a good divorce with the right person assisting you in the process.  The right person in not someone who is looking to prolong the process for financial gain, you may feel like you have no friends but you need to ask yourself is a divorce lawyer a friend or foe?  If you have come to the conclusion that you can not live with your spouse and divorce is the only option there are several questions to consider; Is a peaceful divorce something you are willing to work towards? If so you need to Are you prepared financially to complete the process? Is there any mariatal misconduct that will impact your divorce? Are you willing to do what it takes to avoid court which will protect your children and your finances?

I am Belinda Rachman, Esq. and I have a broad range of professional experience which empowers me to settle your differences in a fast, fair and affordable manner.  Divorce Attorneys don’t like me and there is a very credible reason why, I prevent a lot of money from going into their pockets by keeping it in your pocket.  Review my testimonials and you will understand how my flat fee mediation services have help so many people keep the peace.  Call me with your questions 760.720.9324.