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Fair Divorce In A Day | Fair Fast & Affordable Divorce Mediation

Fair Divorce In A Day | Fair Fast & Affordable Divorce Mediation


Do You Think Your California Divorce Lawyer Is Your Friend? Better consider Divorce Mediation!
Author: Belinda Rachman, Esq.

Whether you live in Los Angeles or La Jolla, you need to beware of hiring a divorce lawyer because almost every divorce attorney has added a clause in their fee agreement giving them the right to put a lien on your home to make sure they get paid. Some people are so mad at their soon to be ex that they don’t recognize how much their own divorce lawyer is manipulating the situation just to keep the case going because they know they are going to be paid from the forced sale of the home.

Many areas of Orange County are known for having multi million dollar beach front homes with enough equity to be very attractive to the local Orange County divorce lawyers. For those owning such lovely homes and contemplating divorce, may I suggest you drive from Orange County to San Diego County so that you can work with a mediator who will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars so that the two of you can benefit from your beautiful home instead of your divorce lawyer getting it. A short trip to Carlsbad will be worth your time.

But maybe you are north of Orange County, someplace in Los Angeles and you don’t even have equity in your home but you have children, which means we need to deal with custody issues. Los Angeles divorce lawyers are no better at helping families settle their differences out of court than their Orange County or San Diego counterparts. Too many lawyers are happy to stir the pot and keep the custody case going because they know parents will fight like crazy to keep custody of their children. It is worth the drive from Los Angeles County to San Diego County so that you can preserve some kind of workable co-parenting relationship. You don’t want your children getting caught in the middle of a nasty divorce and they don’t have to. Working together in mediation saves much more than money, it saves your children from having to choose between parents. After all, it is your divorce and not your child’s. Carlsbad is just south of Camp Pendleton in North San Diego County. It is approximately 25 minutes south of Dana Point and an hour and a half south of Downtown Los Angeles.

Ask your divorced friends what their experience was. If they hated court and their own divorce lawyer, what does that tell you? Are you going to do the same thing they did and expect a different result or are you going to take a short drive to Carlsbad, CA so you can work with a divorce attorney with a 100% success rate with hundreds and hundreds of couples doing peaceful divorce mediation?

All the best,

Belinda Rachman, Esq.
Your Peaceful Divorce Expert
Divorce In A Day Mediation

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