Save Money by Avoiding Divorce Lawyers

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Do you think it is crazy for a divorce lawyer to tell you to run away as fast as you can from other  divorce lawyers? After practicing law for 8 years I had my fill of divorce attorneys and how they manage to create tension and expense for their clients. Do you really think  your… Read more »

Mackenzie Phillips, Child Abuse and Divorce

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With Mackenzie Phillips’ disclosure about an incestuous relationship with her father, expect a torrent of articles about the topic of child sexual abuse.  Sometimes it takes a public figure coming forward before the rest of us really start to pay attention. This is what happened when Rock Hudson came out of the closet and then… Read more »

Grandparents and Divorce

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When your children come to you with their tales of marital woe beware. There will be a great temptation to finance your child’s divorce, thinking that you are helping them get custody or more marital property but in most cases, hiring separate divorce lawyers is the death knell for any co-parenting relationship. Grandparents generally do… Read more »

Emotional Divorce or Conscious Divorce

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When a marriage ends, it is usually accompanied by intense emotions that too often result in terrible choices being made that end up hurting the couple and the children. You don’t have to be Gandhi, Buddha or any other kind of evolved spirit to have a “Peaceful Divorce,” but you do need to have the… Read more »

Divorce Lawyers and the Reptilian Brain

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No one goes into marriage thinking they will divorce one day, but if half of all marriages end in divorce, as the statistics tell us, the chance of a couple staying together are about 50/50, which may be a good bet or bad bet – depending on whether or not you like to gamble. There… Read more »