Do you think it is crazy for a divorce lawyer to tell you to run away as fast as you can from other  divorce lawyers? After practicing law for 8 years I had my fill of divorce attorneys and how they manage to create tension and expense for their clients. Do you really think  your divorce lawyer is your friend who is looking out for you? This is a business and people are in business to make money. The easiest way to earn the most money is to make sure the divorcing couple is angry at each other so they both pay to litigate the obvious.

Getting divorced isn’t complicated if both of you are honest and are not playing games, like hiding property or lying about income. If you are decent people who just want out, then the last thing you need is a greedy lawyer encouraging you to fight by giving you false expectations of what to expect so that the case never settles.

Guess why one of the first questions a divorce attorney asks is whether or not you own a home, how much you owe and what you could sell it for. The answer is, in California the fees of divorce lawyers are protected by law, out of the equity in their client’s home. If you have equity before your divorce, you won’t by the time the case is done. No wonder cases go on and on for years. The lawyers know they will be paid when they slap a lien on your home and force a sale. Don’t be a sucker. Avoid these sharks if you want to protect yourselves and consider divorce mediation.